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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: [myrmidon] PATCH: PropertyResolver service.
Date Mon, 11 Mar 2002 12:38:55 GMT

On Sun, 10 Mar 2002 23:39, Darrell DeBoer wrote:
> > <sometask some-attr="$!{prop}"/>
> >
> > you'd have to do something more like this:
> >
> > <sometask>
> >    <attr:some-attr property="prop" />
> > </sometask>
> >
> > Of course, the verbose syntax gives us a bucketload more flexibility. 
> > for example, the <attr:some-attr> element could have a set of nested
> > condition elements e.g. <is-set>, <uptodate>, <class-available>,
> > some custom condition, etc.
> Yep, this is heaps more flexible. Don't quite understand aspects enough to
> understand how they come into play, but sounds good...

aspects *could* do this but I am not sure they should as such ;) 

The more and more I play with aspects in combination with 
AbstractContainerTask, the less and less useful I think aspects beocme. 
Basically aspects are a way of altering the environment in which a task (or 
set of tasks) operate. However this could be done by manipulating the 
ExecutionFrame which makes tasks redundent (at least if we design our 
services correctly). So I was thinking of completely removing them in the 
future unless a revelation came upon me. So I woul dsuggest not relying on 
them too much unless you can come up with a damn good reason to keep them 
around ;)



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 does that include the part where your life passes before 
                        your eyes?

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