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From Darrell DeBoer <>
Subject [myrmidon] PATCH: PropertyResolver service.
Date Fri, 08 Mar 2002 13:28:31 GMT

The supplied patch addresses the TODO item:
"Convert PropertyUtil to a non-static PropertyResolver service."

Change details:
* Added PropertyResolver service interface, together with 2 implementations. 
(One implementation mimics Ant1 behaviour). These are added in the 
"workspace" packages, since that's where PropertyUtil was. Not sure if this 
is the right place.
* DefaultTaskContext now implements PropertySet interface, used by 
PropertyResolver. This avoids having the PropertyResolver dependent on 
TaskContext, avoiding a potential circularity problem. (since TaskContext has 
a "resolve" method of it's own).
* Removed PropertyUtil.
* Tests for PropertyResolver implementations.
* Minor fix for "dos" family was incorrectly included 
in the "windows" family.

There seems to a problem with the current Myrmidon build. Included in the 
patch is a fix to build.xml which overcomes this. However, this is probably 
only a temporary work-around, and maybe should be omitted from the commit. 
(At least it let's me run the tests ;) )


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