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From Peter Donald <>
Subject [xdocs] Feature Requests
Date Wed, 06 Mar 2002 12:16:39 GMT

I was just playing around with the xdocs proposal and I have a few requests ;)

* Could you rename your templates to end with .j as that *seems* to be the 
standard that most other xdoclet templates use (though I could be wrong).

* If someone was to create "summary" pages for each category of 
tasks/datatypes that listed all the types in that category and maybe gave a 
blurb about category (blurb got via merge external xml operation?) then that 
would be fantastic.

* Rather than defaulting to "other" as catgory if it is undefined - perhaps 
it would be a good idea to default to the last element in package name in 
which the task is contained. So tasks in


would be in the "vss" category if none other was specified. This would make 
it much easier to also use code unchanged for ant2 ;)

* Also it does not seem that nested elements are processed proeprly - or am I 
missing something. ie Are top level elements and nested elements treated 
identically? ie will the structure of a nested element be fully documented ?

* Also it would be great to write the task so that only the changed files are 
passed to the xdoclet engine. Because each file generates a separate xml then 
this should not be a problem. To generate the files you 
can post-process all the generated xml files to extract filenames as 
appropriate. This would allows us to have xdoclet fully integrated into our 
buikld process with virtually no speed hit



 militant agnostic: i don't know, and you don't know either.

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