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From Peter Donald <>
Subject [myrmidon] Meta-info, Logger, Javac and stuff
Date Wed, 06 Mar 2002 12:03:34 GMT
Hi Adam,

Im off to a music festival for about a week so wont be about. Unfortunately I 
never got around to doing a bunch of stuff I said I was going to this week ;) 
However feel free to have a whack at it.

I have fixed all stuff on my end that used to use LogENabled to use 
TaskContext so feel free to remove AbstractLogEnabled/Logger etc from Task 

Have a look at the xdocs produced by xdoclet for all the different types. 
Only those types that are exposed to XML layer really need to be documented 
to that level of detail. Anyways this is the basis for the metainfo I was 
talking about. It is basically a clone/munge of the work that 
Eric/Bill/others have done with the xdocs proposal. 

I looked at the template-def and script-def tasks (tasks for defining tasks 
with scripts and using templates respectively) and they ended up not using 
enough in common to directly reuse the structures in metainfo. I will look at 
refactoring them when I get back - maybe something can come out of them.

I never got around to converting Javac to myrmidon and that really really 
needs to be done. If you were to do that then that wouldn't suck ;)



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