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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-ant/docs antnews.html external.html faq.html index.html logocontest.html logos.html problems.html projects.html resources.html
Date Wed, 06 Mar 2002 03:14:37 GMT
--- Stefan Bodewig <> wrote:
> You did.  I don't like how you did what you did, but that is something
> different ;-)

No surprise there -- once I saw how these pages were done, I figured I'd
probably get some flack. But I did what I could within the timeframe I had
to do it, since I don't know
Velocity/Anakia/XDoclet/whatever-the-heck-all-that-stuff-is, and I just
wanted to at least fix the booboo you so thoroughly let me know I'd made
the first time around.

> What I really don't like is that you've put <font> tags into the xml
> sources.

Well, there were <code> tags in there, which is fonting, so...

> What exactly has been your problem with problems.html?

I thougt it was funky the way it was, with it riding off the edge of the
window like that. So I unfunkified it as best I could. (And edited the
overall text, so it reads a whole lot better now as well :)

> I guess you had to remove the <pre> tags in favor of a table with a
> bunch of <br>s, yes?

I wasn't all that thrilled with having to do that (or the blue
background), either, and I have an email into velocity-user to see if
there's a way I can avoid all the coded linebreaks. (I did create a new
macro and got rid of the blue and did the fonting, but it didn't seem
worth it to use it unless I can make it do the rest of the formatting as

> How can you view faq.html?

I originally thought I'd do the same for it, but changed my mind the more
I thought about it.  The "problems" page is likely pretty much done --
ie., it probably won't got through many more (if any) changes from here on
out.  The FAQ page, though, is something likely subject to ongoing changes
-- and, there's an awful lot of source code and whatnot that's <pre>'d on
it, and it just wouldn't be practical (unless I can get a macro together)
to try and do anything about it. And really, FAQs are almost always kind
of funky looking anyway :)  Whereas the "problems" page is more like
actual documentation, and should look all nice and professional and all

> >   Also add the JavaWorld finalist logo
> Fine, as long as we remember to remove it once the decision has been
> made.

And replace it with the "winner" logo, right? :)



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