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From "Erik Hatcher" <>
Subject Re: [Contribution] EJB Hot deployment task
Date Mon, 25 Mar 2002 05:57:17 GMT
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From: <>

>   I was going to add JVMargs to the class.  This actually goes along
> with what I am grappling with right now.  Erik Hatcher suggests I shy
> away from using the Project.createTask("java") for running a JVM.
> Looking at most of the Ant taskdefs, these seems to be the norm.  I have
> nothing against adding ExecuteJava stuff in the class itself, but maybe
> this is overkill?  Erik, ideas?

Thats just my personal "gut feeling" about creating tasks internally to
another task - just feels weird to me.  Go with it though, and don't worry
about this particular item as its not a big deal either way for me.

>   Let toss around some ideas before I go and up the changes.  This way
> we can all be in agreement and I don't have to change even more stuff.

I think you're on the right track.  I don't have any additional
ideas/feedback.  I look forward to your contributions!

Ok, one additional thought: perhaps we should have a generic <vendor>
sub-element too that takes a 'classname' attribute so that implementations
can be plugged in at run-time without modifications to Ant.  The dilemma is
that only the already defined attributes/elements of the abstract class be
available for population so there wouldn't be any extensibility other than
being able to dynamically create an implementation and have it used on the

Sure do wish that DynamicConfigurator patch hadn't gotten rejected!  :)


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