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From "Magesh Umasankar" <>
Subject Re: Patch Task enhancement
Date Wed, 20 Mar 2002 20:15:43 GMT
From: "Dominique Devienne" <>

Hi Domnique:

> Hi Magesh,
> Given your comments on the provided Patch, and the long thread that's been
> going on the past few days about [PATCH] and [SUBMIT] messages being
> incomplete, I personally think that writing some kind of tutorial on how
> submit patch or new task would *greatly* improve the quality of the
> submissions. The checklist / guidelines you refer to helps some, but for
> most people (like me) who have programming skills, but no experience of
> source development, one or a few tutorials would be a tremendous boost.
> may actually improve the productivity of committers (for incorporating
> patches / submits) in the long run.
> Two tutorials that immediately come to mind are:
> * Adding one or more attribute to an existing task.
> * Adding a new task and/or data type.
> They would cover things like we're to modify the doc, how to generate it
> make sure it's correct (xdoc is not savadoc), how to generate the patch
> etc...

Good idea! You seem to have a good idea of what you want
in the tutorial.  Please start writing one such
and submit it to ant-dev for review.  I will review
it as well and provide my comments.  Once we have
such a tutorial ready, I will commit it.

> Easier said than done of course, but from my view point, I'm not sure I'll
> ever venture into trying to submit of Patch to ANT after all I've read
> recently, having just the checklist to sort it out.

The checklist is not meant as a deterent.  You
may still submit the patches the way you like
with or without testcases, docs, etc.  It would
just take longer for it to be committed - that is
all.  We cannot obviously force anybody to provide a
complete patch set.

> As committers, you guys are obviously well organized
> bright people, and maybe forget that it can be
> hard to achieve your level of thoroughness.

I am not asking for patches to WHATSNEW, copyrights,, etc. when one sends a patch set -
just good documentation patches and testcases - that is
thorough enough for me.

> I'm not asking to lower the standard of patch submissions,
> just helping the smocks like me out there
> raise to its challenges.

Help me help you by starting up on the
tutorial :-)

> Thanks, --DD


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