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From "Stefan Buynov" <>
Subject Re: [Q]Ant visual tool - HOWTOs
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2002 14:56:35 GMT
Hi Christoph,

I downloaded Antidote from the CVS tree, thank you for pointing it to me. It
really looks good.
Unfortunately it won't fit the requirement I'm implementing - my tool is
intended to be a part of another product, not a stand-alone app. It also
should has a specific user interface, conformable to the product's L&F.
I am sure, however, that the source will be usefull as a guide through some
of my troubles.

Regarding your invitation to join the club - I am not quite familiar with
the open source community process (I am just a lazy user ;))).
Are there any requirements, any skills I should posses to be a contributor?
What should a person do to become one?
Are there strict deadlines that should be met in the projects (developer's
spare time is really insufficient)?
Could you give some light on this (as an insider)?
I think that others might be interested, too.

Thanks again for your concern.


Take a moment - be inspired.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Christoph Wilhelms" <>
To: "'Ant Developers List'" <>
Sent: Thursday, March 07, 2002 2:35 PM
Subject: RE: [Q]Ant visual tool - HOWTOs

> Hi!
> Everything you are looking for has already been implemented in Antidote
> Jakarta Ant GUI)! Have a look into that sources - you find it in the
> CVS-tree. Have you concidered contributing in Antidote? Unfortunately the
> Antidote-developement is on hold ATM, which is particulary my fault, but
> there are two active contributers and we currently are making plans for
> further development steps (which is also on hold because of my
> What has been achived alread:
> - Viewing and composing and running Ant-buildfiles (this is a lot of
> What's next:
> - Make things "smooth"
> - Vizualization of traget-dependencies (had this Idea on my vacation)
> Check it out and tell us if you like to contribute!

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