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From "Erik Hatcher" <>
Subject Re: XDoclet status update [PATCH] attributes; merge points
Date Sun, 03 Mar 2002 13:12:09 GMT
----- Original Message -----
From: "Bill Burton" <>
> I've made a number of enhancements to proposal/xdocs in the attached
> patch:

Bill, you rock!  This is fantastic.  The pushClass stuff is something I
hadn't tried, so you've now exceeded my XDoclet know-how :)  Very cool.

> * Attributes listings are now generated by XDoclet for nested elements.
> Right now, there's no distiction between shared types or locally defined
> ones via inner classes so everything is output.  This means it's somewhat
> verbose but also rather complete.

Yeah, but what about their nested elements?!  :))

The question is how far do we want to go, and can XDoclet achieve that kind
of recursion currently?

I'm about to add in the datatypes generation also - so
I'll be creating some helper tags for those.

> * Implemented an XDoclet merge point so part of the documentation can now
> reside in an XML file in a package-relative directory to the .java
> source.  This external XML file is merged into the generated XML by
> XDoclet.  The stylesheet looks for <description> element and if found uses
> that instead of the javadoc class description.  Examples and other content
> can be appended to the end just by putting them within a <section> tags
> just like the Jakarta docs.

So you've got a process that can take the current task HTML docs and convert
them to this?

We are getting so much closer to having those HTML docs be obsolete!

Lets start putting together a to-do list of what it will take to get us
there:  (here are a few starters - I'll add this to the Ant 1.5 to-do list
I'll make a stab at later today)

    - Wiser dealing with built-in datatpyes (no need to list their
attributes - just hyperlink to their own docs)
    - Create the XML files for the datatypes
    - Task categorization work, determine the desired groupings
    - Have capable of generating multiple mappings for
the same task if multiple 'name' attributes
    - Have class-level ignore="true" facility

> * Cleaned up the stylesheet so it formats the HTML in a much more readable
> manner.  Added some HTML comments to it's easy to know what you're looking
> at.

It looks very nice.


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