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From "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <>
Subject Re: [Bug 7153] - Need additional Microsoft Visual SourceSafe Tasks
Date Wed, 20 Mar 2002 01:43:28 GMT
From: "Steve Loughran" <>

> From: "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <>
> Jose Alberto, didnt you see the bit in 'ant in ager' that talks about how to
> do this:
> you should be keeping the copy you are happy with under SCM; fetching from
> CVS and rebuilding as and when you see fit -and not before.

We already do this. Our ANT binaries are under CVS.
But since I am not the only one touching the buildfile, I cannot predict when
someone will try to use something and fail, and come and complain they waisted
their time trying to use this and that and not being able.

> there is no need to redist a nightly build on a daily basis, nor any need
> for >1 person to get and build the source.
> the reason for doing it locally is that there will always be changes with
> your version and the ant version. Why, even us committers often do that,
> working with something for a while till we are happy enough to share it.

Yes, as I said, personally (at home) I build my own ANT. But at work I do not
want to share for the project a local copy that may be spiced too much.
If I go with my local patch and the patch gets rejected (for good reasons)
then I am stuck maintaing my own version.

> >Whould it be possible for ANT to tell which parts are off, something like
> >
> >    ant -version
> >    Apache Ant version 1.5alpha compiled on March 10 2002
> >    Missing modules:
> >        this
> >        this
>  >       and that
> >
> >Then at least one would know what is not there. Just a thought.
> I've already listed this as an RFE; I think it would be nice.
> you could iterate through all tasks and try and create them, then list
> available and unavailable
True, it does not need to be too dificult.

Jose Alberto

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