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From "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <>
Subject Re: [Bug 7153] - Need additional Microsoft Visual SourceSafe Tasks
Date Tue, 19 Mar 2002 08:30:08 GMT
From: "Stephane Bailliez" <>

> From: "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <>
> >As far as I can tell very few committers are looking for patches in
> Bugzilla.
> >You see all these long discussions, but once someone files a patch it
> linguers
> >there and nothing happens. This is what I think people are complainint
> about.
> There are few patches...I mean 'patches'.
> And fact is more than half of the resources are absorbed by Ant 2 and others
> at this time like me have others priorities as well.

As I said, very few committers are looking at the submissions in bugzilla.
And if the problem is that the submissions are not right. Then, unless someone
mentions what the problem is, there is no way it will be fixed by the submitter.

Putting my USER hat, I think it is understandable that people get frustrated by
the current process.

> >I myself filed a bug
> [],
> >fix it, and put the patch on Bugzilla. It has never been this slow for
> patches
> >I had submitted in the past. No aknowledgement, no comments, nothing.
> >Just dead silence.
> It's dated from March 13.

Yes. But once upon a time, small bug fixes like this one where dealt much more
quicker. Let me tell you what my problem is. I cannot adopt my own patch because
I do not have all the stuff necessary to rebuild a complete ANT 1.5 distribution.

So I am waiting for a nightly build with the patch so I can replace it for our project.
It is a problem, since people here assume that every task of ANT wil be available
as soon as the drop any needed jars, and if I build it myself that will not be the case.

> However if you could at the same time reply to my request for more info that
> is now 3 months old, it would also be nice. :)

There, I answered :-)

Jose Alberto

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