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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-ant/src/testcases/org/apache/tools/ant/taskdefs/optional
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2002 05:12:08 GMT

----- Original Message -----
From: "Gert Driesen" <>
To: "Ant Developers List" <>
Sent: Tuesday, March 12, 2002 1:08 PM
Subject: Re: cvs commit:

> Hi Steve,
> I looked at the javac implementation and I definitely can see how this
> work, but I don't know if this is how it should work.
> Should users actually have to specify the commandline options themselves
> javac task does with compiler arguments) ?

I think commonality should be extracted out; per-back end options left as
extras to specify as arguments.,

> I think the JspC task should support the following attributes, which are
> usefull for all (?) jsp compilers :
> classpath
>   already available


> verbose
>   already available, but is current an int value, would be better to make
> a boolean value

ah, ok. jspc takes a range of values; which ones should we use for true and

> rebuild
>   boolean value to indicate that all jsp pages should be rebuild, so :
>     for the Jasper compiler : don't perform a check on the last modified
> time, just pass all jsp pages to the compiler

could do; we would be consistent if we didnt do this but relied on a clean
target to clean up for a forced rebuild. This lets you go "ant clean build"
without having separate rebuild=true, rebuild=false targets

>     for the weblogic compiler : don't add the -depend commandline argument
> package
>   already available

> webAppDir
>       why didn't you just use a simple attribute (eg. webAppDir) for this
> the current implementation ?

> srcDir
>   already available
> failonerror
>   already available
> That leaves use with the following attributes which are specific to the
> jasper compiler :
> uriroot
> uribase
> ieplugin
> mapping
> webinc
> webxml
> and the following attributes which are specific to the weblogic compiler :
> noTryBlock
> (and perhaps encoding)

yes, we should do encoding

> Can you please comment on (all of) this ?

> now with regards to your last message :
> - I don't really understand what you mean with the dir naming issue ...
> you please elaborate on that ?

If I have a jsp page in a subdirectory, how is that turned into a java file?
Is it stored in a package name relative to the webapp base? What if the path
name is 'illegal' and needs mangling itself?

> - I also don't understand why you would make uriroot mandatory, but I
> you'll explain further :-)

Uriroot is the jasper term for the base of the webapp. The compiler will try
and work it out if none is given, but its error messages are uninformative
('empty stack exception') and I dont want to duplicate the code in jspc. If
we mandate that the base of the webapp; (your term webAppDir seems ok), then
all is well.

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