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From "Curt Arnold" <>
Subject Re: procedure for submitting a new task for optional.jar (possible SSH/RSH task)
Date Thu, 28 Mar 2002 15:49:50 GMT
> From: "Glen Marchesani" <> wrote:
> > <exec dir="${src}" os="AS400" output="dir.txt"
> > as400="big_iron">
> >   <arg line="dsplibl *print"/>
> > </exec>
> >
> > The thing is that the <exec> wouldn't be running on the
> > machine that was running ANT but it would do in essence an
> > RPC call to the AS400.

Then the task is really a specialization of a more general task that could
also use SSH or RSH to invoke arbitrary commands on a remote system.

> Given that these are highly specialized tasks and probably not useful by
> most Ant users, how do you feel about submitting your tasks to the
> ant-contrib Sourceforge project rather than having it in the Ant
> tasks?
> I'm not sure what the ant-contrib rules are - so I'm just guessing that
> would be ok with accepting such things.

I don't know if we want to get into the business of cataloging niche Ant
tasks.  Might it be better to set up a DMOZ topic for Ant and use that to
catalog links to niche tasks and put a link to the dmoz topic on the Ant

The idea was that ant-contrib could be used to collaborate on tasks that
were targeting eventual inclusion in Ant but needed substantial development
by people who weren't Ant committers.  The main thing has been a <cc> tasks.
We really haven't gotten collaborative development, but round-robin
development on the <cc> task.

If you wanted to find some people who wanted to collaborate on a general
remote execution task (or you wanted to work on one and wanted to world to
be able to watch) and wanted to do that in ant-contrib, then that would fit
into what ant-contrib is trying to do.

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