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From "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <>
Subject Name collisions
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2002 00:29:49 GMT

As far as I can see in the current ANT1 code, there seems to be no provisions on what happens
if I define
a task and a datatype using the same name. The definer tasks do not check across different

It seems that Datatype definitions always take precedence over task definitions. Since under
now we have the means to treat this issue in a proper way, I would like to know what do you
should be the correct thing to do. 

To make clear what is the situation I am referring to let me formalize it:

    - Given two roles, A & B, triggered by the same container interface (e.g., task and
data-type) and given that
        a particular element name, N, is registered in role A, what should be the correct
behaviour when one attempts to
        register N in B. 

    Should the new definition be (a) rejected; (b) override the definition on A; (c) ignored.

Jose Alberto


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