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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject jspc changes
Date Fri, 08 Mar 2002 08:48:17 GMT
jspc now has a test case!
jspc now has has many changes!
jspc still has many outstanding defects!

-name mangling is in there, though I dont have a test for it working. (I
have tests for jaspercs implementation, but not that mine matches theirs)

-compiler attr (undocumented) is how you change compiler (untested)
-webapp lets you spec a web app to build; entire tree is sent to jspc to
build (untested)
-jasperc spawns a new JVM and uses the classpath param to point to where
jasper is; if not then the ant run time is used (again, untested)

the tests that are in there should only run if jasperc is around

big bugs outstanding
 -support whole dir tree compiles properly
 -catch when things go wrong! right now we arent, even with fork=true on the gets logged to screen so I will have to look at what jasper is up
to in terms of not setting system.exit on failure. What jasperc does do is
create an empty dest file on failure. (NB todo: do a size check on dest and
rebuild if zero bytes)

Tests all pass except for testNoTld, which breaks as it is expecting an
excepto and it doesnt see one. As the file is excluded when jasper is
missing, I dont think this will break the whole gump build.


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