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From <>
Subject RE: [Contribution] EJB Hot deployment task
Date Mon, 25 Mar 2002 04:59:13 GMT
Thanks for testing and thanks for the input!

  I figured each vendor does different actions for each tool.  It would
be kind of hard to generalize the actions.  I got the names the WebLogic
tool uses from their deployment tool.  Undeploy and delete are two
different actions in Weblogic.  Undeploy removes the component from the
running container.  Delete undeploys the component then deletes the
actual component from the server directory.

  I think it's a good idea to have a set of defined actions.  To be
honest the "loose" nature of the action attribute makes me a little
nervous.  How can we define a set of type-safe actions without limiting
vendor-specific options?  Can we assume that the actions already defined
would be enough, or would it limit future vendor elements?

  I was going to add JVMargs to the class.  This actually goes along
with what I am grappling with right now.  Erik Hatcher suggests I shy
away from using the Project.createTask("java") for running a JVM.
Looking at most of the Ant taskdefs, these seems to be the norm.  I have
nothing against adding ExecuteJava stuff in the class itself, but maybe
this is overkill?  Erik, ideas?

  Right now (in the updated code I have not yet upped) I am have the
actual vendor tool implementation do all the Java stuff.  This makes it
extremely flexible for future vendor elements.  The EjbHotDeployment
interface (and for the most part the Abstract base) is now just:

    public void validateAttributes() throws BuildException;
    public void setTask(EjbDeploy task);
    public void deploy() throws BuildException;

  This is a lot different from the original implementation, but in the
end it's a hell of a lot cleaner.

  Let toss around some ideas before I go and up the changes.  This way
we can all be in agreement and I don't have to change even more stuff.

  Speaking of Jboss.  After looking at it I see that the deployment
process is a) copy the component to the deployment dir b) sit back and
wait for the hot-deploy to happen.  I find it hard find a use for this
framework in conjunction with Jboss other than to just copy the archive
to the deployment dir.  Ideas?

  - Chris  

-----Original Message-----
Hi Christopher,

I tried to develop a JonasHotDeploy task for Apache Ant, and I have
comments (too) :

- in EjbDeploy :
instead of using a String to store the action, you should use a class 
EnumeratedAttribute, so Ant could check the value, and the HotDeploy
could share the action names.
( see EjbJar.NamingScheme )

- is it possible to replace
ACTION_UPDATE = "update"
ACTION_REDEPLOY = "redeploy"
because you're already using the action names : deploy and undeploy .

- I don't understand the difference between the action DELETE and

- I need to add specific Java Virtual Machine arguments when I start the

JonasAdmin tool.
I think, other vendors need it. Can you add a method :

protected String getJVMArguments();

- Vendors need specific classpath, so you can keep the general classpath

(in EJbDeploy),
but you must add a specific classpath for each vendor implementation.
And I want to construct a vendor ClassPath for JOnAS. You should add
these methods to the AbstractEjbHotDeploymentTool

public setClasspath(Path);
public Path getClasspath();
protected abstract Path getVendorClasspath();

- In EjbDeploy, you should move the user, password and serverUrl to the
AbstractEjbHotDeploymentTool, so we could use different password and url

for each
application server.
I don't like the serverUrl name, ... can we use a more generic name :
target ? JOnAS doesn't support (I think), http url deployment. Do you
like "target" ?

- is it possible to replace userName by username ? To respect Ant naming

convention ?

That's all

Can you please send again as quick as possible a new version of your
tool ? So I will submit a JonasHotDeploy tool, maybe before the JBoss
version !!! 
( hehehe ) .... :)))))
( A message for the JBoss developers who are reading me : I love you
.... )

Cyrille Morvan
French student
Intern at Houston / Texas
Find JOnAS (Java Open Application Server ) :

At 01:38 PM 3/24/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>Thanks for the commit.  Regarding your issues:

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