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From <>
Subject RE: [Contribution] EJB Hot deployment task
Date Sun, 24 Mar 2002 18:38:46 GMT

Thanks for the commit.  Regarding your issues:

- I originally had it so it could take a list of vendors.  For some
reason I changed it, but it seems better to have it iterate over
multiple vendors.  I will change it back.

- I will patch the default properties next with the next patch.  Should
I merge my docs with the official html docs?

- AbstractEjbHotDeploymentTool extends Task so I essentially get the
attributes set on the vendor-specific elements for free.  I knew it did
"feel" right, but the only alterative is to have the EjbDeploy task
support all the attributes for all the vendor-specific elements  and
pass them down in a config structure class.  I felt this coupled the
EjbDeploy task too much with the vendor-specific element tasks.  Every
new attribute that is introduced with a vendor-specific element would
have to be added to the EjbDeploy task.  Any thoughts?

- I totally agree with moving the execute to the abstract element class.
That actually started bothering me as soon as I submitted the
contribution.  I will go ahead and make that change.

- I will take a look at the situation with project.createTask.  I have
to put some thought into it.  Will check it out.

I also want to get rid of making password a required attribute on the
task.  Looking at some other implementations of deployment tools, I feel
this requirement may to too strict on the task itself.  The
vendor-elements should setup the requirements.

I might as well do Jboss with this update.  That way I get a good feel
as to how flexible the framework is, and I can make any changes that
need be made then.  Unfortunately, I have never worked with Websphere,
but once I get stuff done I can check into including their deployment

- Chris

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From: Erik Hatcher [] 
Sent: Sunday, March 24, 2002 9:19 AM
To: Ant Developers List
Subject: Re: [Contribution] EJB Hot deployment task


I'm about to commit your submission, barring any last minute objections
from other committers.  It looks good - a few issues/questions though:

- EjbDeploy currently only allows a single vendorTool to be nested.  It
would be better if you kept a collection of vendor tools and iterated
over them in execute() so that you could deploy to multiple servers in
one shot. Does that seem like a reasonable enhancement?

- Don't forget to patch and perhaps other
documentation files when you submit these things - these are the little
details that we committers have to take care of before committing
contributions :)

- Is there a reason that AbstractEjbHotDeploymentTool extends Task?  It
seems like an unnecessary thing to me.

- I realize only the Weblogic implementation is done so far, but it
seems that perhaps an execute() on AbstractEjbHotDeploymentTool would be
better so that the vendor-specific deployment tool implementation is
responsible for how it actually works - more than likely it will be a
Java invocation, but conceivably it could be executing a .bat/.sh or
other type of executable, right?

- I personally shy away from doing project.createTask. Perhaps it should
be refactored to hook into how the <java> task works under the hood
rather than invoking it indirectly in this way.  Thats just a personal
preference of mine, although I suppose there is merit to the
indirection.  At the very least it seems that the Java task usage should
be invoked from the vendor-specific implementation of
AbstractEjbHotDeploymentTool rather than directly from EjbDeploy -
although AbstractEjbHotDeploymentTool could contain the common Java
invocation code perhaps so that vendor-specific code could reuse it.

Thanks for the good work - none of my comments above are show stoppers
me) for committing it since it looks good and can evolve based on these
comments.  It is my hope that you are sticking around ant-dev to help
maintain these tasks!  I cannot really test them as I don't use Weblogic
- so hurry up and get the JBoss implementation done so I can give it a
:)  Or if you are really brave, give a WebSphere one a try - which I can
probably test also, somewhat painfully - but WebSphere is painful no
matter what.


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From: <>
To: "Ant Developers List" <>
Sent: Friday, March 22, 2002 5:33 PM
Subject: [Contribution] EJB Hot deployment task

> I have included a task to support an EJB hot deployment tool 
> framework. This is used to deploy J2EE applications to running 
> servers.
> I have included a element to support WebLogic 6.x hot-deployment.  I 
> may also code a JBoss element if I have time.  If the task looks good 
> I would like to see on for any other vendor's tools out there 
> (iPlanet,
> WebSphere...)
> The source and documentation is included.  I would appreciate any
> - Chris


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