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From <>
Subject RE: proposed new optional task: weblogic 6.x deploy tool
Date Fri, 22 Mar 2002 01:59:30 GMT

The task is basically a wrapper around the weblogic.deploy tool.  The
syntax is (currently)

<wldeploy action="deploy|undeploy|update|list|delete"

I like your idea of making it pluggable.  I can do this very easily.
How about an "ejbdeploy" task (because it may not always be ear files)?

<ejbdeploy action="<action>"
    <weblogic> ... Weblogic stuff ... </weblogic>

I can probably submit something this weekend.

- Chris

-----Original Message-----
Chris, I could really use such a task. In particular when you need to
install or upgrade EARs into a running production system.

What kind of features or syntax does your current task has?

Can it be used to define new resources (queues, datasources, etc) or
only EARs, WARs and JARs?

How about using a pluggable design like <ejbjar> so that other vendors
can plug their own implementations?

    <eardeploy ... action='delete' name='xyz.ear'>
        <weblogic domain="..." user="...' password='xxx'/>

Jose Alberto

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