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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Dealing with ClassLoaders
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2002 16:51:21 GMT
On Wed, 20 Feb 2002, Jose Alberto Fernandez <>

> One of the things I think is broken in ANT1 is the way we deal with
> ClassLoaders. Our current approach of having some of the code in the
> CLASSPATH and any other code being loaded on independent
> ClassLoaders just causes all kinds of problems that only can be
> solved by putting everything in the CLASSPATH of the JVM.

Not true, it can also by solved by removing stuff from the CLASSPATH -
i.e. splitting optional.jar into several pieces and remove the ones
you don't want to have in CLASSPATH from ANT_HOME/lib.

This is not taking away anything from the fact that the current
situation is broken.

> In the <antlib> proposal I am trying a different approach.

Don't try to do too many things in that proposal at once ;-)

Both Mutant and Myrmidon have very similar ideas on using
classloaders, and their ideas solve most of the problems we currently
have.  Almost nothing is on the system classloader.

I'm not sure that we really want to solve the classloader problems in
Ant 1 - and if we really can without breaking backwards compatibility.

In the context of the <antlib> or <import>, we may be able to define
new rules that are roughly forwards compatible, but I don't think we
can change things for tasks that are not explicitly part of an
imported library.


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