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From <>
Subject Re: pluggable ProjectHelper
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2002 20:38:03 GMT
On Fri, 22 Feb 2002, Peter Donald wrote:

> > If nobody is -1 for the patch, I would commit it (I'll wait another day
> > for comments). An additional improvement I want to make is to add a
> > createProject() method in ProjectHelper and use it instead of
> > new Project().
> Love the idea, like the patch and can't see any backwards incompatability 
> .... but then again I don't know this part that well.
> It would be nice to run jdiff (from sourceforge) over two version of 
> ant source which will demonstrate that there is on incompatabilities at the 
> interface level ;)

What part ? ProjectHelper is the same, except the private methods who
were removed ( and the new methods ). ProjectHelperImpl is exactly
the xml-related code from ProjectHelper, nothing changed.

> > I would also like to commit some changes to the Ant task, making
> > it useable as an independent component that would jumpstart ant.
> > ( I already wrote an 'EmbededAnt', by refactoring Main, but Ant task
> > seems a much better place to do that ).
> I would like to see an EmbeddedAnt object that is used by the tasks rather 
> than the opposit way around.

Ok with me. But I would still change Ant task - to extend EmbeddedAnt,
instead of duplicating the code.

EmbededAnt should be useable as a regular java bean in a program,
and <ant> should provide the same behavior and control ( things
like loggers, etc ). 

( obviously all this is backward compatible - it only adds 
new features that I think are very usefull )

BTW, there is another batch of changes I would like to make to
the TaskAdapter, to allow more flexibility and arbitrary beans 
to be used. I'll send the patch for review ( including changing my 
address in @author :-)


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