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From (Kevin A. Burton)
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] 'redefine' task that uses JDK 1.4/JPDA class redef inition
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2002 21:38:14 GMT
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"Albrecht, Matt" <> writes:

> Just a note: this weekend I was working on a pet project which uses JPDA.  I
> was running with Sun JDK 1.4 beta 2, on Windows 2000, when I noticed that the
> capability for redefinition is not enabled.  I'm not sure as to the result
> with the current RC1, but this means that even if you do run this with JDK
> 1.4, you're not guaranteed to have it work.

There are ways around that

if ( vm.canRedefineClasses()  == false)
    throw new BuildException( "The target VM can not redefine classes." );

Redefine should just throw an exception on Windows 2000

Strange. UInder Linux I have:

 [redefine] Target VM canAddMethod : false
 [redefine] Target VM canUnrestrictedlyRedefineClasses : false
 [redefine] Target VM canPopFrame : true

I wonder if anyone on other platforms has canAddMethod or

It would be nice to have someone with SUN whom I could talk to about this but
there is no JPDA mailing list.

I am sick of Java being so closed :(

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