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From "W. Craig Trader" <>
Subject [PATCH] Bootclasspath for Java task
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2002 21:41:00 GMT
The Java task supports setting a classpath for Java programs, but it doesn't 
support setting a bootclasspath (necessary to allow vendor classes to take 
priority over standard Java classes).  I've attached a patch that will allow you 
to set bootclasspaths either directly, or via references.

(The most common reason to use a bootclasspath is when you're using a CORBA ORB 
such as Visibroker or JacORB with Java 1.3, because Sun's implementation of the 
CORBA Java mapping didn't implement the latest OMG specification for the ORB 
class.  If you need to use the full capabilities of your ORB, you need to be 
able to place your vendor's jar(s) in the classpath before rt.jar.)


* This only works if you fork the VM (ie: set fork="yes")

* This patch uses -Xbootclasspath:<path>, which is available starting with Sun's 
JDK 1.2.  A more clever implementation would recognize an older JDK and 
rearrange the classpath to include the bootclasspath and the JDK jars; on the 
other hand, older JDKs don't *need* to set a bootclasspath.

- Craig -

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