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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Patternsets, Filesets, and Mapper
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2002 21:39:12 GMT
--- wrote:
> Basically, I created two mappers that do just the opposite of yours.
> Where yours will take a filename and convert it into a package name,
> mine takes a package name and convert it into a ".java" or ".class"
> filename.

I don't think dot-notation would make sense for <fileset>, since <fileset>
is used to say "find all the existing files that match this selection
criteria" -- and packages aren't files.
> By putting the mapper into the PatternSet

You might have a case for making <patternset> more generic, since, if you
take the name literally, it could be legitimate to see it as a place to
hold any kind of pattern, for any purpose. But I'm confused about what you
mean by "putting the mapper into the PatternSet" -- you don't mean
something like:
  <patternset id="foo">
    <include name="**/*.java"/>
    <mapper type="glob" from="*.java" to="*.class"/>
right? -- since that would seem pretty silly (instead of just saying
<include name="**/*.class"/>).

> Realistically, I am sure that there has to be a solution with the
> current codebase...

I suspect you're right -- I just need to know what it is you really want
to do :)



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