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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Allowing for a "generic" .antrc & antrc_{pre,post].bat
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2002 20:45:37 GMT
Would anyone object to my adding to the startup scripts the allowance for
.antrc & antrc_{pre,post}.bat files in $ANT_HOME/<maybe etc?>? I think
limiting it to the users home directory makes it less useful than it could
be. I know when I first put Ant to work, I ended up modifying 'ant' like
crazy, which I didn't really want to do, since it means maintaining an
in-house version (and all the upgrade headaches that implies), but I
needed all that processing, and I couldn't have it be a separate script
that went into everyone's home directory (nightmare!).

Rather than go into the specific things I needed it to do, a more recent
use-case is this thing of people wanting to say (eg.) 'ant prod' and have
it basically be the equivalent of 'ant -Dtarget=prod'. I posted a sample
.antrc to handle that, but, again, it's not really the kind of thing you'd
want to require everyone to put a copy of in their home dir. So adding
processing of a (eg.) $ANT_HOME/etc/.antrc in addition to a $HOME/.antrc
would make things like that much more appealing and doable.

Anyone see any problems with it?  I'd say, process the one in $ANT_HOME
first, then the one in $HOME (to allow for personalized overrides), yes?



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