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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Integrated Reporting (Was RE: JDepend frames XSL w/ link fixup)
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2002 08:57:18 GMT
On Tue, 26 Feb 2002 11:06, Rob Oxspring wrote:
> I've been pondering about integrating the report docs and wondered what
> others had to say.

Sounds great so far ;)

> I'd like to find a solution that can scale to any combination of the tools
> so the first question to ask is are there any other report / analysis tools
> out there that should be included? Checkstyle and maybe JavaNCSS spring to
> mind but what else do people use?

no idea. I could see things like reports based on jdiff results (detects 
changes in external API of classes) would be useful. See - though I only know of people on EGs that use the tool.

> In terms of output I'm envisaging a framed JavaDoc style setup with each
> package and class/file having some summary page backed up by a page per
> tool and a link to javadocs if available.  For example with just junit and
> ncss being used you might get:
> /report
> 	/stylesheet.css
> 	/index.html
> 	/overview.html
> 	/overview.junit.html
> 	/overview.ncss.html
> 	/<package>/overview.html
> 	/<package>/overview.junit.html
> 	/<package>/overview.ncss.html
> 	/<package>/<class/file>.overview.html
> 	/<package>/<class>.overview.junit.html
> 	/<package>/<file>.overview.ncss.html
> Does this pattern fit all cases?

for class/package based reporting I think it does. 

> Finally, I'm currently hoping that I can avoid writing another task and
> just build a target full of standard tasks.  If this is going to work then
> some concatenation of files will surely be involved somewhere along the
> line... So can I nudge a committer to commit one of the past concat
> submissions :)

Lets see that target first :)



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