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From "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <>
Subject Re: Ant Coding guidelines
Date Sat, 16 Feb 2002 14:52:01 GMT
From: "Erik Hatcher" <>

> Why is there even a "magic" property for build.compiler anyway?  Was it just
> so you wouldn't have to specify it for every <javac> or something?

The problem in escence is customization or personalization, if you prefer.

A build file should be able to build a project with nomatter watever compiler a user wants
to use and
unless the build requires a particular feature of a specific compiler.

It would be definetly a distraction and a bother and very backward uncompatible if we require

buildfile writers to have to specify the compiler to use on each <javac> operation.

Then there is the issue of the style of the output errors. -emacs which tasks get to see as
a property
and maybe others.

One definatly do not want to have to change the buildfile (which is a shared resource of a
every time one wants to try a new compiler.

I have not seen any better way, this "magic" properties are the equivalent to environment
at the OS level, which we all know are a quite accepted technique for passing preferences.
They are not
perfect, but ....

Jose Alberto

PS: +1 for using a naming convention

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