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From "William Ferguson" <>
Subject Selectors
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2002 02:04:00 GMT
Apologies for dropping in late on the Selector/Culler debate, but I want to
throw my 2 cents in.
I think the design should allow for Selectors other that just straight

Eg I would appreciate a Selector that allowed culling based on a file that
1) a Java class
2) class is not abstract
3) class extends some base Class

Ie: Execute some task over appropriate Java classes.

The current interface in the Selector proposal does not allow specificaiton
of more than one operation/value for the Selector. That means that the above
functionality would need to either be provided by 3 separate configurable
Selectors, or a single not-very-configurable Selector.

If 3 seperate Selectors are chosen, then the Java class will need to be
resolved and loaded separately for each Selector, while for a single
Selector it would only need to be loaded once.

So ideally it would be better to have a single Selector that can be
configured to perform several types of culling (at the one time). I not sure
how to best meet all objectives, but one possibility would be to allow a
Selector to be configured with a Collection of operation/value pairs.

That would allow for a single FileSelector that could be configured for
various file operations.
A single ClassSelector that could be configured for various class specfic
operations etc.

Anyway, that's my 2 cents.


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