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From "Stephane Bailliez" <>
Subject Re: Speaking of deprecation...
Date Sat, 09 Feb 2002 21:49:27 GMT
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From: <>

> I think you confuse things. You can't write a page full of crap that will
> work on any browser, but if you stick to the basic HTML - you certainly

Of course I can, I can probably find a Netscape vx.x where each <title> tag
in the page is appended in the title bar and will do some buffer overwrite.

> can. Test your page in lynx first - it's one of the best browsers ( one
> of the few that sends the mandatory charset ), and it'll work everywhere.

You are thinking about a couple of web page with some little tags here and
there. No way. I'm speaking about a load of screens where you desparately
try to make your page look the same so your alternative is to use loads of
tables to display everything while it is so clear and simple to use div
boxes. Maintainability.

> Upgrade to the latest IE, use the 'cool' new features - and of course
> your page will be visible only in IE. That's the cost of 'featurism'.

If the target audience for your particular audience is made of 95% of
windows user with IE 5.5+ and web designers wants to make sexy things, it is
probably worth the price. Presentation is worth it, like it or not.

You can eat the same food in mixed in plastic cup so that it looks like dog
food and one well presented in a nice plate, it will actually taste
different. The most beautiful woman dressed with a military pant like a
rapper or with a sexy suit will look different and will sure give you a
different brain experience. This is all about cognitive experience.


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