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From "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <>
Subject Re: pluggable ProjectHelper
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2002 08:23:12 GMT
From: <>

> If ProjectHelper is not modified, then how can it delegate to a different 
> processor ?
> Right now the only entry point ( except static methods that are 
> unchanged) is the configureProject(), which calls private stuff. 
> All the private stuff ( the actual xml processing ) just moved in
> ProjectHelperImpl, so any change you made can be re-done there
> ( obviously changes in the xml helper makes me concerned because
> other helpers will need to duplicate it :-).

As I said, I have not looked at your changes.

My only point is that if a very large amount of the ProjectHelper
file is being moved to ProjectHelperImpl. Then maybe you should
instead live it in ProjectHelper and then move the smaller part
into a ProjectFactory. Which provides the abstracted behaviour.

Helper is such a bad name. What you are doing, if I understand correctly
is implementing a Factory pattern. Well then call it Factory.

> > So ProjectFactory, should be the thing to work on.
> Creating the project is just a side-thing, the XML processing is
> what I want to abstract. 
> I need a createProject() because the helper may want to plug
> a different implementation ( i.e. class that extends Project ).
> The 'right' thing would be to have configureProject() 
> _return_ a project, instead of beeing passed one. This way
> it can construct it from what's inside build.xml. 

Yes, by the Factory.

> But for now plugging in a different xml processor and 
> letting the plugin create the Project impl is more than
> enough for all use cases, creating different Project
> impl. based on <project> attributes or namespace
> doesn't seem like a big necesity.
> If we would need that, it wouldn't be very hard - it 
> can be done using a new configureProject() method, with the
> old method providing backward compatibility. 
> > This looks like something I had always thought we should have done, which is
> > that the behaviour of calling ANT from the command line should be exactly
> > the execution of:
> >     <ant target="targets" >
> >         <param .../>
> >     </ant>
> > 
> > That would have save us so many inconsistencies :(
> Exaclty. Except that ( or ) will not 
> have the System.exit() - so it can be embedded easily in any 
> application.
> does not do a exit() I hope :)

When I mean "exactly" I mean the code should be something like:

        Project fakeProject p = new Project();
        Ant a = p.createTask("ant");

> > Maybe you could put your changes in the sandbox so that we can look at it more precisely.
> The change on ProjectHelper is pretty straightforward. I'll put
> the new xml processor in commons-sandbox ( it'll be a general-purpose
> component ). 
> For the - I'm still workin on it, I'll send it to
> the list and if it's a problem I'll move it to commons-sandbox
> too ( as a component that embeds ant ).

Jose Alberto

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