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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject Ant sort of makes it to the w3c
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2002 07:54:06 GMT

The W3C has released XML Pipeline Definition Language, which describes "the
processing relationships between XML resources" as a Note.

Pipelining has been a popular term lately in XML discussions, with
initiatives like XPipe and DSDL building models for how to pass XML between
different kinds of processing. The Note focuses on particular set of issues
managed by a single controller:

  "A pipeline document specifies the inputs and outputs to XML processes and
a pipeline controller uses this document to figure out the chain of
processing that must be executed in order to get a particular result."
The syntax of the pipeline language owes a good deal to tools like make and
Ant. The Process Classification section defines categories of processing
that can be controlled: constructive, augmenting, inspection, extraction,
and packaging.


They are right: ant gets top of the list in references. I am not sure how
much their dependency model really reflects Ant's, it is more like make
where each process states is inputs and outputs, or even the heavy duty JDF
XML syntax for specify printing workflows in an automated printing press.

I see they dont have a good model for process failure either...

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