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From Stephane Bailliez <>
Subject RE: cvs commit:
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2002 13:54:47 GMT
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Sam Ruby []

> Stefane Bailliez wrote:
 uh ? Where is this name coming from ?

> > +1 from me w/ automatic susbscription for all committers if 
> feasible.
> It is feasible.  My personal preference (intended to be expressed in a
> non-binding way) is that commits go to the -dev lists.  This has two
> effects: causes commits to be viewed by a wider audience, and causes
> non-developers to flee to the -user list.  ;-)

> I can't help but wonder if the real root cause is that the people
> interested in following myrmidon is distinct from the 
> constituency for ant.
> If so, a separate cvs and -cvs mailing list for that code 
> base may be more
> to the point.

I personally don't care but I know that some people are using the dev list
to follow Ant developement so it might not be such a good idea to do force
them to receive hundred of commits but mm..all in all it is easy to do a
rule and delete all cvs-commit messages if you are not interested in seeing

I personally have trouble following Ant development and Myrmidon.
I'm subscribed to commons, general, oro, tomcat, turbine, velocity and xalan
and my limited brain can barely record everything everywhere. (I just can't
figure Sam how you manage to read nearly post and jump on the one where we
need you !!)


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