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From Stephane Bailliez <>
Subject Ant Coding guidelines
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2002 11:26:54 GMT
I'm back on the topic of coding guidelines.

Fact: The Ant 1.x tree is suffering from a lot of different coding styles
that we (including me) have committed blindly.

>From what I can see, Myrmidon makes use of a radically different coding
style in both naming, parenthesis spaces, and bracing style. As a lot of
code will probably be inherited from there for Ant 2.x, I guess we should
'start' caring about it.

>From the lengthy discussion on general that took place the last weeks it
seems that each project can have its own coding style even though it is 180°
degrees toward the suggested original Sun coding style, but of course it
must be documented.

The bracing, spacing, etc.. is no big deal because because some of us can
layout the whole tree in a snap to a specific coding style. However if each
of us has its own layout and we keep adding new classes with one style and
adhere to the original in the other, this will be the mess we have in Ant

Peter, could you please clarify your conventions and send me your IDEA
configuration file for layout as well.

Note: I don't like non-prefixed fields. Food for self assignation problems.


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