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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: IntrospectionHelper request
Date Sat, 12 Jan 2002 03:03:22 GMT
On Sat, 12 Jan 2002 13:48, Jose Alberto Fernandez wrote:
> > Which is why it will rarely be used. It is basically only there so that
> > people can do virtually anything they want - even if it is ludicrous.
> > Many people have asked for things like ability to define methods,
> > funcitons, for loops, various other containers and repeaters and so
> > forth. Now none of these is ever likely to be implemented or support by
> > ant-dev but people still want them.
> So you sre defining a whole mechanism whose one of its purposes is to be as
> dificult to use as possible?

errr .... love to hear of a simpler system that comes even vaguely close in 
flexability. Try coding the configurator approach and get back to me on which 
you think is easier.

> And whose goal is to not be used.

The goal is to be used - when people need to do things we are not willing to 
do they have the option of getting around us.

> I think that is not a good designing rule.

I think it is a good rule to actually code/experiment with the things you are 
talking about before talking about them - have you done that ?

> > This gives them a method to do whatever they want so instead of saying no
> > you can't do X and we wont change it so that you can, we say we don't X
> > but if you really want it you can write a container to do it and support
> > it yourself.
> >
> > Sure it will be rarely used in regular tasks but useful for some
> > oddballs.
> As I have said before, eventhough reflection is very powerful, it is not
> the end all solution for everyone. What I cannot understand is why you
> first define myrmidon with all this flexibility of having multiple
> implementations of ObjectConfigurer (by using an interface instead of a
> firm implementation) and then you provide no easy way of using it.

I didn't do that part ;) I left it as an interface because it may be possible 
to experiment with these things and see how they work out. 

> The problem with Configurator and passing the buck to the task is that
> since the job is not easy it will require either that task developers
> reinvent the code that is already part of myrmidon or for them to use
> internal myrmidon components in order to perform the configuration. The
> result is that internal APIs will be exposed and therefore we will finish
> having the same kind of backward compatibility problems that we have today
> in ANT1 and that we were suppose to eliminate on ANT2.

Umm ... I have talked about this before - this wont be a problem if they 
extend AbstractTaskContainer because they will never be exposed to low level 



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