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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: IntrospectionHelper request
Date Mon, 07 Jan 2002 10:34:20 GMT
On Sun, 6 Jan 2002 21:19, Adam Murdoch wrote:
> > From: Peter Donald []
> >
> > On Sat, 5 Jan 2002 14:30, Adam Murdoch wrote:
> > > > The Ant 1 tree is not a good place to be experimenting.
> > >
> > > Just out if interest, where *is* a good place to be experimenting?
> >
> > Depends on what you want to experiment on mainly.
> Mostly stuff on the Ant1.9 list, in particular the VFS layer and the
> TypeInfo thing (well, the whole task/datatype lifecycle really, from
> writing, packaging, doc generation, deployment, instantiation,
> configuration, validation, service discovery, ..., to execution.  Task
> testing too).

ooer - definetly sounds great.

> > Alternatively you could help out me with myrmidon proposal. What
> > I am doing
> > with it is trying to bring it from a nice tech demo to a usable
> > system. You
> > are actually the only person who has shown any interest in
> > helping out with
> > the proposal so I haven't really been discussing intentions and
> > designs on
> > list.
> You should advertise it more. 

I tried that a year ago and it led to a flamefest - not everyone approves of 
it ;) and none of the other committers has ever openly supported me so I am 
reluctent to do that lest it gets termed Petes Ant again

> It's very impressive work.


> Myrmidon would be an excellent place to try some of the stuff I want to do,
> particularly given that it's incremental stuff, rather than stand-alone. 
> Also, having the ant1 tasks there will be handy, to evaluate what impact
> the changes have on the task writer.

theres a few things that are lacking and need cleaning but hopefully when 
theres some more tasks in place, myrmidon can be cleaned up and all the kinks 
worked out.

> Right now I'm cranking away on a VFS proposal, so won't be making changes
> to Myrmidon any time soon.

excellent - looking forward to the VFS stuff. If you want to drop source into 
the proposals directory to show people what you are experimenting with feel 
free to send it along to the list.

> > Anyways if thats what you want to do then I can start actually discussing
> > what I am ding on the mailing list.
> I'm pretty keen to help out, so that would be handy - for me at least.

Okay I will start discussing things as I go along (and as I have time).



 I just got lost in thought... It was unfamiliar territory.

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