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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: IntrospectionHelper request
Date Sun, 06 Jan 2002 03:35:29 GMT
On Sat, 5 Jan 2002 14:30, Adam Murdoch wrote:
> > The Ant 1 tree is not a good place to be experimenting.
> Just out if interest, where *is* a good place to be experimenting?

Depends on what you want to experiment on mainly. If it is extra tasks then 
you can just experiment wherever you want and send updates to the list when 

At other times it may be best to experiment with sets of tasks or new 
features (like VFS layers or whatever) in a new directory in the proposal/ 

If you want to experiment with Ant1.xs types/infrastructure and container 
then you have a lot less leway as it is a requirement for you to be backwards 
compatible. The easiest thing to do here would be to create completely new 
classes and deprecate the old ones. So you may add something like 
IntrospectionHelper2, ProjectHelper2 etc which are variations on original 
classes with whatever mods are required. This can get ugly to do in some 

However if you want to do massive changes or really far out stuff then it is 
best to just fork the whole codebase make the mods and then send results back 
to list. 

Alternatively you could help out me with myrmidon proposal. What I am doing 
with it is trying to bring it from a nice tech demo to a usable system. You 
are actually the only person who has shown any interest in helping out with 
the proposal so I haven't really been discussing intentions and designs on 

Most of the things I am doing are relatively conservative - with a few 
exceptions (like cross project dependencies and dynamically 
registerable/loadable types). Mainly I am going through and enabling things 
that people have been wanting since ants early days but where never feasible 
with old code base.

However if you want to experiment more radically or help out with converting 
tasks I would be ecstatic to let you help out with myrmidon. My short term 
aims are basically to get a small collection of the ant1 tasks converted into 
myrmidon. Basically at first it will only be the exec based tasks, some of 
the file tasks and a few other that are easier to implement.

In process of convertion I am removing all the things like
* failonerror
* settable log levels

because they will all be dealt with universally in ant2 - either via 
container tasks (like try-catch-finally) or facilities/aspects (like adding a 
ant:fail-on-error="true" attribute to a task which is handled by container).

I am also trying to separate the code out into 3 blocks. There is container 
specific code, framework code (shared by all tasks) and the code for specific 
type library (not accessible via other type libraries).

Anyways if thats what you want to do then I can start actually discussing 
what I am ding on the mailing list.



Sorry, I forgot to take my medication today.

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