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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Immutability
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2001 13:31:55 GMT
Maybe I'm coming to late - have been too busy, sorry - but I'll try

Has anybody of you (those of you pushing for property immutability in
the core) had a look at what we decided upon when we put together out
Ant2 requirements?  I'm talking about

* make properties fully dynamic, i.e. allow their value to be reassigned

  [will need more discussion because of vote by Glenn McAllister and
                                                Conor MacNeill]

  [finally ACCEPTED]

The actual votes her have been:

+1 by Peter Donald, Stefan Bodewig, Conor MacNeill (with some scoping
and command line override remarks), Nico Seessle, Glenn McAllister
(with some scoping remarks).

+2 Simeon Fitch

no other votes.

Can these votes all be invalidated by the patches that went in?

Erik, I really appreciate all the work that you have done and you've
cleanup up a lot of Ant's core classes a fair bit with it, but maybe
we are really going one or two steps too far?

We want to leave <property> as task the way it is, OK.  We probably
also want to make all property setting core tasks behave the same way.
But do we really want to enforce property immutability as a core
feature?  Our vote in April/May quite clearly says no, and at least
mine still stands.

Having said that, let's rework the last patches so that existing core
tasks don't override existing properties but there still is an API to
modify properties.

Consider this a -1 against the functionality of enforcing property
immutability in the core.


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