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From Richard Emberson <>
Subject Re: Generic Element Containers (generalization of TaskContainer)
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2001 15:29:29 GMT
DTDs are for TEXT.
XML Schema are for DATA.

Is an Ant build file text or data? I would argue that it is data; it
reflects (so to speak)
an object hierarchy.

Therefore, no time should be wasted on creating a DTD, rather XML Schema
be used.

Richard Emberson

Stefan Bodewig wrote:

> On Mon, 3 Dec 2001, Jose Alberto Fernandez <>
> wrote:
> > Well, I was asking for one sooner (in ANT 1.x).
> 8-)
> > And by the way, in case it was not clear, the only problem I had
> > with Peter original proposal (the one involving <role/> definitions)
> > is that by having a dynamic DTD we will loose the avility to provide
> > a DTD agains which the XML descriptor can be easily validated.
> Ant's build files cannot be validated against a DTD either, at least
> not really, so we wouldn't loose too much.  We could create a partial
> DTD with defined roles for all the things that we support out of the
> box, much like we do for build files with <antstructure>.
> Stefan
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