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From Keiron Liddle <>
Subject Re: [GUMP] Build Failure - FOP
Date Fri, 14 Dec 2001 07:44:43 GMT

Thanks, I have updated the build file to use the manifest under jar, works 
fine. Looking at the hostname I think that it is better left out, it may 
cause computers to attempt to connect to the internet when resolving the 

I don't know much about xslt apart from - it works.
What sort of things need to be done/added?
Will it become a core task or optional?

On 2001.12.13 18:03 Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> I'm currently not subscribed to fop-dev and responding to a post I've
> picked up from the archives, sorry, please keep ant-dev in the CC.
> Keiron Liddle <> wrote:
> > We can update the FOP build to use the core ant manifest task and a
> > new ant.  This is no real problem.
> I don't see Ant's next release before February, most probably even
> later, so I'd rather recommend to use the <manifest> nested into <jar>
> approach, which is going to work with Ant 1.4 and 1.4.1.
> > The only thing that our task does that is different is a "BUILD-ID"
> > it has "Date-Time (user@host [os])".
> You should be able to emulate that using property expansion, something
> like
> <tstamp>
>   <pattern property="ts" format="yyyyMMdd-HHmmss-z" />
> </tstamp>
> <jar ...>
>   <manifest>
>     <attribute name="Build-Id" value="${ts} (${} ...)" />
>   </manifest>
> </jar>
> you get the idea.  Hostname would be the only tricky part.
> > How stable are these tasks and any other new tasks.
> The manifest task itself is just a wrapper around the nested
> <manifest> element of <jar>, which has been around for some time (and
> even has JUnit testcases).
> I think it is quite stable, but still hasn't been tested by that many
> people.  I'm not aware of any other tasks - but we should talk about
> adding the things that make your <xslt> task the preferred choice over
> <style> to Ant's core task so that people outside the FOP community
> can benefit from it as well 8-)
> Cheers
>         Stefan

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