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From "Magesh Umasankar" <>
Subject Re: Action List - Volunteers Needed
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2001 14:47:58 GMT

From: "Peter Donald" <>

> Sun's Extended File API implementation is (or at least 
> was a while back) under a nasty license which pretty 
> much precludes our direct reuse. However doesn't mean 
> we can't reimplement it ;)

Hmm...  I wonder if it is possible to ask Sun to let us
own it?  I see nothing has been done to it since Summer
 98.  You are right about the licensing.  It isn't 
designed for reuse.

> NetBeans was basically mozilla license IIRC ? If so it 
> should be ok as long as we use the public API and 
> don't have to muck to much in the guts of it. If 
> the guts needs changes and the NetBeans peeps wont 
> make them then we can't use it but I would prefer to 
> at least try at first ;)

ok.  I will work on it.

> Avalon had one at one stage but I yanked it. If we 
> wanted to be really abstracted from resources we could 
> use something like JNDI (which is what 

Will work on using JNDI too.

> I have written at least 5 different VFSes in the last 
> few years (only 2 in java though) and mostly they are 
> the same ideas just optimized for different 
> uses/access strategies. 

Want to contribute one of them? ;-)


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