I have been working on Antidote for the past month trying to get it to a point where my group could use it to produce Ant build scripts.  I don't know if you are interested but I have added several things:
1. Added a properties/preference editor for that application.
  - You can modify the color/font preference of the console logger screen.
  - It remembers:
    - window location, size and divider location
    - what scripts were opened when the application closed
2. Added a custom FileChooser to remember directories recently visited, as well as a file finder.
3. Added a splash screen (Still adding to it)
4. Added a Help system (docs directory)
  - this includes all the help files and manuals from Ant
Prior to this I was experimenting with a custom property editor that analyzed the tasks that were specified in the defaults.properties and then created a custom editor that matched the task.  Example attached.  I abandoned this approach due to the inflexibility of Ant Tasks to getXXX property.  I am sure there is another way to do it, but I have not had the time to pursue it.
I would be interested in submitting the stuff I have for examination and criticism as well as guidance in the direction that this should go.