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From Matthieu Bentot <>
Subject Re: [ant] could/should <ant> task allow passing references?
Date Thu, 22 Nov 2001 10:38:17 GMT
Hi all,

Anybody's been thinking about that one?

I needed that here so it's done.
What it does is, for every reference child element, copy the reference from
the parent project into the child (renaming it if specified), overriding
generates a warning (perhaps should remove that).
Then every reference that's left from the parent project is copied as is in
the child, unless a reference with that name already exists there.
I realize this is inconsistent with the way properties are handled, but
there are references (namely, the Project) that I assumed would be better
left untouched (if a new one is created, there must be a reason, right?).
Also references attributes are refid and toRefid (I saw there was talks
about having more consistent attribute names, well it's called refid
everywhere else).

Any comments?


> From: Albrecht, Matt 
> Subject: [ant] could/should <ant> task allow passing references? 
> Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 13:20:18 -0700 
> The <ant> task's "inheritAll" only inherits properties. However, if you
> define datatypes, such as FileSet or user-defined types, they are not
> inherited in the sub ant project.  It doesn't look too difficult to
> implement this inheritance.
> However, I can see potential problems here, where heavy-weight objects are
> copied that are not intended to be copied, or where tasks are copied over
> (if they are given an id).  What if a separate inner tag, say
>     <reference sourceid="id" targetid="newid" />
> is used to explicitly specify each reference to copy over?  This would
> for the inheritance-like model which the "inheritAll" provides for
> properties.

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