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From "Magesh Umasankar" <>
Subject [PATCH], etc. (Was: [PATCH] Consolidated Expand/Untar with listing & verbose attrs w/ Pa
Date Sat, 10 Nov 2001 04:08:04 GMT

This patch obsoletes the following patches:

[PATCH] Consolidated Expand/Untar with listing & verbose attrs w/ PatternSets 

which in turn obsoletes:
[PATCH] Consolidated Expand/Untar with listing and verbose attributes. 

Sorry if I am messing up your setup of tracking patches
with what seems to be a daily feature update to these 
tasks...  Please bear with me.  I hope this is the last
patch on this task that I am submitting for at least 
some more time. ;-)

With that said, this patch addresses Bug 3074 -
 - while also providing the features that I had mentioned
when I had submitted earlier obsoleted versions of this 

In summary, let me recap the new features that this
patch provides:

1. Cleans up Expand and Untar, by making Untar extend
from Expand.
2. Provides 2 new attrs - outfile and verbose which can 
be used to get the list of contents in the archive.
3. Allows user to specify patternsets that identify what
files are to be selected from inside the archive.
4. Allows user to specify filesets to select file 
archives for unarchival. (Resolution for BugZilla ID 


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