Hi Bree,
this tasks look great, however I wish that instead of having 7 different tasks with extremely long names, we could have just one task with several possible "commands". It is just a question of style for me, and I do not think it would affect your code too much. So as an example, what I was thinking of was to have something like:
<tomcat username="bree"
                    port="8080" >
   <deploy   path="/${appname}"
other subcommands would be:
    <undeploy path="/${appname}" />
and so on.
Whether to allow multiple commands or just one, I really do not care much. My only point is to advocate some form of subcathegory that can be used when dealing with tasks with many functions.
What do people think?
Jose Alberto
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From: Bree_Vanoss@amsinc.com
To: ant-dev@jakarta.apache.org
Sent: Friday, October 05, 2001 4:05 PM
Subject: Optional Task Submission: Jakarta-Tomcat 4.0 manager webapp tasks


Attached is a zip archive containing a set of task defs that can be used to
interact with the manager webapp that comes with Jakarta-Tomcat 4.0. Included in
the zip are the source files, build.xml, compiled jar, and user manual. Attached
seperately is the "user manual" page similar to other optional tasks that come
with Ant.

I know that these are not very complex taskdefs, but I wanted to contribute them
anyway. The apache license is included in all of the source files.


 (See attached file: tomcatTaskdefs.zip)(See attached file: tomcatmanager.html)