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From "Jeff Tulley" <>
Subject proposed submissions for Ant to function on NetWare
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2001 23:05:18 GMT
Hi all,
   I am very new to the ant-dev mailing list, and to developing on the Ant source code base
at all.  I have been trying to get Ant functioning on Novell's NetWare OS, and found many
problems doing so.  Most of them have to do with the fact that a lot of Ant code assumes it
is running in either a unix environment or a windows environment only.

  I have gone through the code and extended all such code so that it deals with NetWare paths
correctly without breaking functionality on the other platforms (I have tested on Windows
NT, as well as on Linux).  Many times I was able to simply piggy-back on windows behavior,
and other times I had to add in new code specific to NetWare's file system differences.

  I need to know how to go about submitting my work.  I welcome any reviews that are necessary,
realizing that this is my first submission to an open-source project.   (Hopefully not the

Things I have done

  - extended the Ant core code to work with NetWare

  - verified that my changes do not break Ant on Windows NT 4.0 (Sun JVM 1.3)

  - verified that my changes do not break Ant on Linux 2.2.18 (IBM JVM 1.3.0)

  - reviewed the functionality of the tests on NetWare, either:
     - fixing bugs in my code that were exposed by the test suite    OR
     - refactoring a few lines of test code to have different expectations on NetWare (in
these cases, there were different assumptions for Unix than for Windows, and now there is
simply a NetWare case).

Things I have NOT done

  - created any of the NetWare equivalents to ant(.bat), antRun(.bat), or lcp(.bat)
        This task does need completed and I intend to continue on with doing this, but unfortunately
the batch file processing on NetWare is very primitive.  There is not even an "if" statement.
 Ports of other BAT or shell scripts from other works have typically involved a complete refactoring
of the scripts, dumbing them down and hardcoding some stuff.  I need to figure out how to
do this properly, with a minimum of hardcoded items.

  - fixed certain "pre-existing" bugs exposed by the testsuites on NetWare, which had nothing
to do with the code changes that I made.  I did due-diligence in looking at each of these
issues fairly in-depth before choosing to temporarily ignore them.  I'll log them as bugs
on the NetWare platform, and probably be the one to fix them as time permits.  (and as ant
release schedules dictate, if needs be).

    I also probably need to examine some of the test suite more in-depth, making sure that
code coverage is high for the things that I changed.  I will continue working on this.
    If one of the committers on this project will point me the right direction, I'd greatly
appreciate it.


 - Jeff Tulley  (

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