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From Gerhard Wiesinger <>
Subject javac from version 1.2 was better ...
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2001 13:28:29 GMT

I work with ANT 1.2 for a long time and now I want to upgrade to ANT 1.3
or ANT 1.4.

One feature I am missing:
with "ant -verbose" the compiler did the following:
[javac] Compilation args: -d C:\build\classes -classpath
"C:\build\classes" ....
    [javac] File to be compiled:

(Out of e.g. 100 files which must not be compiled).

The new ant shows with -verbose all files which are scanned and not only
these files which are going to be compiled. This was very nice.

This was done in the protected void logAndAddFilesToCompile(Commandline

Maybe there can be some switch added in javac if the users wants the new
or old behaviour with verbose.

Anyone else missing this feature?


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