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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject comments on the cvspass task
Date Sun, 07 Oct 2001 21:54:38 GMT
While adding the ability for gump to automatically login to cvs
repositories, I scanned the web (via google) to see if there was any code
that I could base this off of.  I was pleasantly surprised to find such
code in jakarta-ant!

In the process of integrating the code, I found several issues.

   Windows and cygwin don't necessarily agree on where home is.  On my
   system, my USERPROFILE=H:\Documents and Settings\rubys and HOME=H:
   \CYGWIN\home\rubys.  Unfortunately, Java picks windows, meaning that
   unless I explicitly passed -Duser.home=%HOME%, the wrong .cvspass file
   is updated.  This probably is just a documentation update (and possibly
   a change to ant.bat, though I personally would argue against it).

   The cvslogin task will replace whatever password you may have set.  My
   feeling is that if you have already logged in (presumably successfully)
   that this should be respected.  This could be made an option

   Updating a password for a given cvsroot will cause the removal of all
   other entries which start with this value.

   The cvslogin task will always rewrite the .cvspass file - even if
   nothing has changed.

   The cvslogin task will rewrite the .cvspass file, instead of simply
   appending to the file.  In general, I feel that appending is safer...

   I couldn't resist optimizing mangle.  ;-)

   Indentation problem on reader.close();

Note: gump's requirements are slightly different than those in Ant.  In my
case, I potentially will be updating multiple passwords at once, making it
worthwhile for me to create a hashtable of entries in order to avoid
repetitive scans.

- Sam Ruby

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