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From Tim Dawson <>
Subject SUMMARY: loading tasks from jars for Ant 1.5 summary feedback
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2001 21:24:36 GMT
In summary of the previous thread the proposal is now:

1. Deployment Descriptor

Specify a deployment descriptor for an antlib jar. This would reside in
"meta-inf/antlib.xml" and have a simple structure:

<antlib version="1.0">
   <task name="..." class="..."/>
   <task name="..." class="..."/>
   <type name="..." class="..."/>
   <type name="..." class="..."/>

NOTE: datatype shortened to "type" from previous proposal.

2. Startup Deployment

Alter to discontinue the use of the files,
and instead do a ClassLoader.getResources("meta-inf/antlib.xml"), and
process each of those on startup.

This will occur for any jar file found in the java startup classpath.
Currently this means anything in ANT_HOME/lib, or ant.jar and optional.jar.
In the future (ant2), who knows.  NOTE: This last point will probably be
controversial, because people could put any third party jars inside
ANT_HOME/lib.  If you don't like this, don't do it.  Lord knows I won't.

3. JDK 1.1 Compatibility

Update the classloader to support getResources() under 1.1.

4. Antlib Task

Add a new task "tasklib" which can be used to load a jar file containing ant
tasks and datatypes.  A file attribute can specify a jar file, or a nested
<path> element can be used as well.

  <antlib file="foo.jar"/>
    <classpath refid="main.classpath"/>

The <antlib> task must appear inside a <target>.  NOTE: to avoid confusion,
I'll add that this is entirely possible. See other notes in the thread that
discuss how to use taskdef inside a target.

5. Task Name Collisions

The antlib task must also provide the capability to overrride the task names
defined in the deployment descriptor.  If a tasklib is loaded and a
collision is detected without an alias, the build fails.

  <antlib file="foo.jar">
    <taskalias libtask="task1" name="foo-task1"/>
    <typealias libtype="type1" name="foo-type1"/>

6. Optional.jar

Separate the definition of the optional tasks and types into the
meta-inf/antlib.xml file in the optional.jar.

7. Supporting Tasks

Supporting tasks for generating the antlib jar file and related
documentation are out of scope for this proposal. Once this is approved,
then we can begin the work on that.


Due to the length of the previous thread, I think we need to start the vote
over. Please reply with your +1, 0, or -1 vote to the group. OR, feel free
to continue the thread if I've missed anything or until we get consensus.

Thank you,


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