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From Jason Brittain <>
Subject [PATCH] does not support inclusion of directories
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2001 18:51:39 GMT

Hi all..

I've attempted to send this to the list a few times now, but it doesn't appear
to have made it to the list archive nor CVS, so I'm sending it again..  Sorry
for any duplicates.  (I was trying to send patches to the list without being
subscribed, and a month or so ago my mail got through, but now it doesn't,
aparently, so I'm subscribed now.)

The attached patch allows Path elements with embedded FileSets to include
both files and directories.  Before this patch, Path elements with embedded
FileSets could only contain/include regular files, but no directories.  Looks
to me like the code to include directories was simply left out initially.

So, if a build file did this:

   <path id="foo">
     <fileset dir="/tmp/bar" includes="*"/>

and in the dir /tmp/bar is


Before the patch, the contents of the path (on UNIX) would look like this:


Note the missing dir1 and dir2 paths that are supposed to be in there.
After the patch the contents of the path (on UNIX) would correctly be:


Can this patch go into the 1.4.1 final release?


Jason Brittain

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