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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Optional tasks
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2001 08:17:04 GMT
On Tue, 16 Oct 2001 09:18, Bill Burton wrote:
> > What they used to call Extensions are now called Optional Packages. They
> > seem to like renaming stuff. I am not sure where you got that blurb from
> > but the jdk1.3 stuff has it documented. Specifically I am looking at
> > using stuff that places data in manifest like
> >
> > Extensions-required: junit
> > junit-Specification-Name: org.junit
> > junit-Specification-Version: 3.7
> AFAIK, that stuff only applies to applets or containers implementing JNLP
> such as Java Web Start.

The latest servlet spec requires it as do a few of the other J2EE specs I 
think (maybe EJB or is that next version?).

> > Theres not much you can do about that. Didn't you punt it to the build
> > file writer? Most people will ever have to deal with this because there
> > will be reasonable default. I haven't come across a project yet where the
> > reasonable defaults would not suffice.
> Need to first think of Ant as a reusable container that can be
> instantiated and configured within IDE's and other tools.  Then determine
> a simple command line invocation strategy using a combination of command
> line parameters and possibly a property file with sufficient information
> to bootstrap the runtime.  Environment variables are of no use or help in
> this scenario and only increase the complexity of scripts used to invoke
> the runtime.  The only exceptions to this might be JAVA_HOME and ANT_HOME
> which the wrapper scripts could continue to use.

Property files are fine but I would still like it to be possible to pass 
things in via the environment because thats whats intuitive on most unix 
platforms ;)

> At the bare minimum, all functionality currently in scripts to set or
> modify the CLASSPATH needs to be moved into Java.  The end result is one
> could invoke Ant with something as simple as:
>     java -jar /usr/local/ant/lib/ant.jar -home /usr/local/ant -java_home
> /usr/j2se


> This would imply loading all jars in Ant's common/lib (like Tomcat) and
> adding tools.jar to the classpath plus loading all tasks, etc. from Ant's
> ext directory.  The path for the latter could be supplemented or
> overridden with an -L option as described previously.

yep ;)



Fools ignore complexity.  Pragmatists suffer it.
Some can avoid it.  Geniuses remove it.
-- Perlis's Programming Proverb #58, SIGPLAN Notices, Sept. 1982

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