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From "Gurdev S Parmar" <>
Subject http task
Date Mon, 15 Oct 2001 23:27:55 GMT

I have made an ant task for a few http
activites like, http request, getting reference
to a form/link in the resultant page, submitting it, etc.
I have used httpunit package ( for this task.

An example usage is as follows:
<target name="http_activity">
     <httprequest method="get" url=""/>
      <getlink linkid="news_link" withText="news"/>
     <httprequest linkid="news_link"/>

This was a trivial example showing how to follow a 
link. You can follow a form too similarly.
Using httpunit enables to maintain a session 

This task would be helpful in a http testing scenario.
You can also automate certain internet transactions
with this task.

I have attached a zip file with source code and the 
build.xml file. The build.xml file + java files 
is the only documentation for now. More documentation
if this task is accepted ;-)


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